Here is a short list of links for videos I find compelling and thought provoking. Go grab a cup of coffee, watch a few, be inspired, and move.

Transforming Leadership with an Outward Mindset__Arbinger Institute

The Secret Ingredients of Great Hospitality__Will Guidara

The Bar is So Low – The Realities of Memorable Service__Alex Cabanas

A Defining Time for Human Connection in Customer Service__Salena Scardina

Popsicle Moments: Finding A New Flavor of Customer Service__Darren Ross

How 40 Seconds of Compassion Could Save a Life__Stephen Trzeciak

The Most Pressing Problem of Our Time?__Stephan Trzeciak

Modernizing Service With Style__Melody Roberts

Build a Culture of Selflessness: Pick Him Up__James Chapman

Building Business on Character Ethic__Kevin Byrne

Servant Leadership__John Harbaugh

The Anti-CEO Playbook__Hamdi Ulukaya

The Hospitality Mindset: Changing the World, One Day at a Time__Barbara Lang

Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do__Michael Brody-Waite

Be the Punchline__Michael Jr.

Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment__Gary Hamel

Happiness at Work__Alexander Kjerulf

Stop Managing, Start Leading__Hamza Khan

Why Your ‘Why’ Makes A Difference__Michael Jr

The Happy Secret to Better Work__Shawn Achor

Collaboration__Ken Blanchard

Everybody Matters__Bob Chapman

Leaders Eat Last__Simon Sinek

Cultivating Collaboration: Don’t Be So Defensive!__Jim Tamms

The Importance of Mindset In Policing__Chip Huth

What the Heck is Arbejdsglaede!?__Alexander Kjerulf

How Great Leaders Inspire Action__Simon Sinek

The Transformative Power of Classical Music__Benjamin Zander

Fulfillment__Simon Sinek

The Power of Vulnerability__Brene Brown

The Tribes We Lead__Seth Godin

Most Leaders Don’t Even Know the Game They Are In__SimonSinek

Leading with Lollipops__Drew Dudley

Every Kid Needs a Champion__Rita Pierson

The Puzzle of Motivation__Daniel Pink

Profit’s Not Always the Point__Harish Manwani

Greatness__David Marquet

The Triangle of Truth__Lisa Earle McLeod

The Go Giver__Bob Burg

The Rarest Commodity is Leadership Without Ego__Bob Davids

Reframing Business Around Ideals__Jim Stengel