Tony the Cab Driver



Okay, this may not seem like such a big deal but take a look at this picture.  This is a text message from Tony my cab driver at Checker Cab in Palo Alto, California.  You might be thinking, so what, but how many times has a cab driver texted you to let you know that they might be late?  Think about it…I know this is a first for me.

Why is this worth a blog post?  Well, this simple thing stood out as different than most run-of-the-mill cab service, and standing out is worth something.  And this wasn’t all, Tony turned out to be remarkable. He was extremely courteous, had an extremely clean car, was always early (me and my colleague used his service several times since he was awesome) and made sure we were taken care of (he had his brother pick us up when he was not available).  On top of that, he gave us his phone number and said to call him if we ever come back and he will pick us up at the airport.  That’s no big deal, however, he then told us to be sure to let him know what flight we’re on so he can track it and be there when it lands.  WOW!!!!  I don’t even need to call when I land, he’ll just be there.  Simple, simple, simple…I don’t have to lift a finger.  Tony, you’re the best.

Think about your business.  Are you different?  Are you treating each customer like they’re your only ones?  Are you looking for ways to make working with you simpler and simpler?

Tony is a cab driver who gets it when it comes to customer service.  If you look around at your business and find that you really aren’t getting it….call Checker Cab in Palo Alto and ask for Tony, he’ll explain it to you.

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