WHaT? A Model for Great Service Interactions


If you want to improve the level of service your organization delivers, one thing is certain, you need to examine the journey of your customers and ensure that pain and difficulty are minimized. However, there is also a lot of sense behind making each customer interaction, no matter its position in the journey, a five-star experience. Here are three simple steps I call the “WHaT” (Welcome, Help, and Thank) model for great service interactions.

The WHaT Model

Welcome: make every customer feel they belong and are wanted by taking the time to give them a sincere greeting.

Help: customers want help and employees need to provide it. Ask customers how you can be of service. It might be some really big need that requires additional team members but it could also be something simple like directions, product details, or even the time. And there’s also the reality that it could be nothing, but the offer to help means a lot.

Thank: give customers a fond farewell and let them know they are valued by expressing your gratitude at being given the opportunity to help them.

Now imagine every customer interaction as a welcoming, helpful, and grateful experience. How would that change things? It should be easy to see how the entire journey would be improved.

These are such simple steps and easy to teach. If you want to improve your service, start by getting the WHaT right.

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