One Big Thing for 2015

A new year is on its way and that means resolutions and goals are being set ad nauseum.

I’ve never been good at this stuff.  I am like so many in that I set too many and then give up on most.  When it’s all said and done, I look back and I haven’t really made a concerted effort all year on any of the resolutions I’ve set.

Well, this year I am proposing that instead of making several resolutions, you make one, just one.  And you can start the process by answering this big question, “What one thing can you do this year that would have the biggest positive impact on your life, friends, coworkers and family?”  Ask it, answer it, write it down, hang it up somewhere that you’ll see it every day and get to work.  Find your one big thing and make a difference in 2015.

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