Do it because you want to

Tomorrow’s the big day.  For those of us that celebrate Christmas anyway.

I was thrown into a quandary this year as I thought about gift giving.  I began to think about why we do it.  I began to think about whether I was doing it because it was expected or because I really wanted to share something of value that expressed my gratefulness for the other person being part of my life.  I became haunted by, “Is it because I want to or because I have to?”

The answer changed my plans.  I decided on not buying a lot of stuff.  Rather, I bought a few things that I thought people would really value.  Some were no more than a gift card to a place they like to eat, another was some earrings I made (I do that as a hobby of sorts).

It ended up being an important part of my holiday experience.  Think about it, do you give because you want to or because you have to?  The answer here can make a big difference both at Christmas and, more importantly, over the rest of the year.

Make a resolution for 2015 to begin doing for others because you want to rather than just because you have to.  This applies to work and home.

And I say this because I really want to… Have a happy and blessed holiday!

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