Positive Impact

I went to my local PNC Bank branch on a Saturday morning and the automatic teller machine had a few people waiting so I went inside.  I had low expectations assuming the employees would be less than pleased to be working on Saturday. I thought they would probably be a little grumpy and impatient.  Boy was I wrong.  What I encountered was two tellers who were super positive, helpful, and happily bantered with me before I carried out my business.

I was depositing a check and it was made out to me but with my name spelled wrong.  Fortunately, I remembered back to my youth when my dad taught me about checks and remembered that when your name was spelled wrong you had to endorse it with the incorrect spelling and then again with the correct spelling.  The teller noticed this and made mention that she was surprised as most people did not know to do it.  She then went on to tell me a few other interesting facts about check writing/cashing protocol.  All in all it was a great experience.

What’s my point in relaying this you may ask?  It’s this. These employees were working on a Saturday when most people are off work, particularly in the banking industry, and they displayed no negative attitudes.  They took time to talk and connect, and they made my morning better.  What’s more, their positive actions seemed to not only make my day better, but theirs as well.

How can you lead your people to make a positive impact on your customers? How can you make your workplace one where employees are happy, even on the weekends, and inspired to be helpful?

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