Is Inconsistency Hurting Your Message?

I was just watching the news on TV and a commercial came on marketing a window installation company.  Now this is nothing new or spectacular but I did find some things that were worth noting.

The ad in question went to great lengths to point out how the company was different from competitors.  There were references to how their technicians are more professional.  They wear branded hats, branded shirts rather than coveralls, and floor-friendly shoe covers.  They speak of how they are not distracted by doing a bunch of different things, they do windows, and that’s all.  Overall it is a pretty good ad that makes them look different and potentially better although they didn’t show any of their work so the jury is still out.

The problem for me came at the end of the ad.  When the logo and phone numbers came up on the screen, the tagline under the company name said, “Windows, Siding, Doors.”  What’s the problem you ask?  Earlier they said all they do is windows to point out that they are in effect specialists, experts in windows.  However, the final screen makes it clear that they do more than windows.

Okay, big deal, but here’s my issue.  If they say one thing yet show you something else later, how am I to trust them when they show up?  If someone missed this detail in their ad, what details will they miss in installing my windows?

Now this may be nitpicking but when it comes to business, it is attention to detail that defines quality and it is consistent messaging that builds trust.

Where are there inconsistent messages in your marketing?  Where do you need to check the details?

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