A New Year Change Challenge

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Things are fresh now and it is time to look ahead.  I always think this is a time to really think differently and get away from “the way we’ve always done it.”  That line of thinking is a killer.  It’s a killer to innovation, to growth and to a living organization where people think and try things, and I believe an environment where people are free and even encouraged to think and try things is the real secret sauce to success.

We are in a world where statistics say that more than half of employees are disengaged with their work and find their workplace maybe one step above being in prison.  When you think that roughly a third of our lives are spent in the workplace, you realize how much time people are spending in a tragic circumstance and how impactful this problem can be for individuals and families. I believe we must change this if we want our world to be successful in the long run, and, since this is the time when people are thinking about change, why not take advantage.

Here’s my change challenge. How can you influence a change in making engagement more of the norm?  What can you do to encourage thinking, innovation and creativity? How can you influence making it safe for employees to speak up, share their thoughts and challenge the status quo?  How can you empower more, encourage more and involve more people?  Make this year different by making it better for others.  Engage the disengaged, get them out of prison.

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