Make It Happen


It’s over? It seems as though the holidays just started. I hate it when the holiday season comes to a close, however, at least it’s less now than when I was a kid.  Back then it was such a big fall off the cliff of buildup and anticipation that started months before with the dream of some fabulous toy or gizmo that would make your life complete.  But here we are, and our anticipation now is for all of the possibilities of a new year.

What are you planning for 2017?  Have you set some goals?  Have you decided on that big change? Maybe it’s losing weight, getting more exercise, spending more time with family or myriad other possibilities but I think everybody has hopes of new beginnings at this time of year.

Here’s the thing though, as you ponder your hopes for next year, don’t go crazy and list a ton of stuff.  See if you can settle on one thing, one big thing that will truly add meaning to your life and hopefully the lives of those around you.  Define the actions you’ll take and find ways to keep track of whether you’re doing it and/or whether the change is making a difference.  Then do it, track it, and most importantly, celebrate every success.  Make real change in the New Year. Make this a year where you make it happen, feel no regret and make your goal.  No looking back, have a blessed and happy New Year celebration!

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