Book Review: Transform Your Company by Alex Vorobieff

Image result for transform your companyI just read Alex Vorobieff’s new book, Transform your Company, and it was definitely time well spent.

I think every business leader would agree that if you want your business to succeed, everyone in it needs to be rowing together on the same mission, and until that happens, frustration will be an ever-present partner. In Transform Your Company, Vorobieff shows leaders how to eliminate the chief behavior that keeps businesses from moving forward, and then shows how to find the right tools to reach true alignment.

Vorobieff begins by discussing the critical need for leaders to listen to feedback, both positive and negative, without bias and with humility. This is the first and possibly most important step to removing the frustration of misaligned employees, work groups, and departments going in their own directions instead of the direction of the company’s mission and purpose. Without an honest view of things, it is impossible to make real, long-lasting change. You have to know where the dark places are before you can shine a light on them.

From there, he uses a simple model of an upside down pyramid to explain exactly what alignment means and what, from the core beliefs and values of the organization to the intentions and motivations of the front-line employee, needs to be aligned. He then proceeds to help readers on this alignment journey by showing them how to define their organization’s unique place to begin, the best alignment tools for different situations, how to choose the best tool for each, when to ask for help from a business coach, and what to look for in that coach. And if that all sounds complicated, fear not, this book was an enjoyable read that got to the point and made things very practical.

Vorobieff makes it clear that this journey and process are not easy, but he gives a step-by-step framework to make it manageable. I highly recommend this book to anyone in a business leadership role particularly those starting their own business. But don’t skip it if you aren’t running your own company, any business leader would be well served by learning from this work and where it can lead to making an organization better.

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