What’s your tagline?

man holding holding paint can

Imagine you’re a customer and you are on a company’s website. You see a tagline that says, “Customers are our priority.” How do you feel? More confident? More trusting? More important?

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time the tagline is “Customers are our priority … because they pay us.” Now how do you feel? Disgusted? Exploited? Unimportant?

Every day companies send subtle messages that clarify their belief in either tagline 1 or tagline 2. Customers are valued as people to serve or they are prospects to manipulate for selfish gain.

Tagline 1 companies seek out relationships for the long term while tagline 2 firms look for transactions focused on short-term hits. It’s marriage versus one-night stands.

What message does your business send? Begin looking at what your behaviors telegraph to your employees. If you say customers are the priority yet you never talk about them, you’re tagline 2. Think about it.

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