Contrary to popular belief, service is a profit center. Here’s why.

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Do you see service as a profit center or a cost center? If you said cost center, you are in the majority. However, you would also be on the side of wrong.

Service is actually one of your biggest profit centers. As opposed to being what some see as a necessary evil that saps a business, it is really a key to growing revenue and cutting costs.

When a customer has a problem that gets solved, it is seen as great service. The more great service, the more return business. And more return business means more revenue.

When a customer has a problem that gets solved, you keep from giving money back, you find processes or product faults that you can fix, and that ultimately reduces costs. Reduced costs mean more to the bottom line. More to the bottom line, well, that is the definition of profit.

Service. It is a profit center. Don’t forget that.

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