Do you deliver good service? Here’s how to find out.

man walking beside graffiti wall

What is good service?

Put simply, it is when we are helped in a way that is low effort, enjoyable, and effective in getting us whatever it is we want or need.

Given that, do you provide good service?

How much effort is required to do business with you? How many hoops does a customer have to jump through?

How enjoyable is it to do business with you? Do customers leave with a smile on their face?

How effective are your solutions? Does your product or service get the job done consistently?

These are questions that need to be answered.

And, by the way, these questions need to be answered for every delivery system from people to products to processes to places because everything customers touch is being “hired” to help them.

Go do some snooping around and answer these questions for everything your customers touch. How easy, enjoyable, and effective are they? That will tell you half the story. Then, get the other half of the story, ask your customers how they see these things. If the all of the answers are positive, you provide good service. If not, get to work, your future depends on it.

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