The Big Idea


Many of us are frustrated. We are frustrated with selling and buying. What I mean is that our workplaces and customer spaces—effectively where we sell and buy—are fraught with difficulties that impact our non-work, non-customer lives, and it doesn’t need to be this way.

I built this site as a start to making this situation better. I believe there are basic answers that will alleviate much of the misery that infects our workplaces and customer spaces, and I believe the answers that are often given only patch over the real cracks instead of getting to the root of the problem, namely our thinking and the way we perpetuate that thinking.

This blog contains weekly posts, links to videos, suggestions for reading, and resources to download, study, discuss, and share. Ultimately, the hope here is to start conversations that inspire people to begin making changes that enable them to better lead, serve, work, and live.

Join me here in my quest to make workplaces and customer spaces better, and by doing so, make life in general better.