purple and white castle under blue sky

IMAGINE: You’re at Disney and you spend $6 on an ice cream for your 6 year old.  Your six year old promptly drops it. Crying and upsetness (is that a word?) ensues.  Along comes a Disney cast member and says, “for a replacement charge of $3, I can get you a new one.”

REALITY: Out of nowhere a Disney cast member appears with a fresh ice cream, hands it to you, no charge.

IMAGINE: You’re walking through Disney World and you get stuck following a cast member dragging a smelly overfilled trash bag leaking some nondescript green liquid all over the pavement.

REALITY: You never see trash being moved at Disney. There is a hidden underground vacuum system where trash is dropped in and moved to a central trash management area outside the park.  The “magic” of the show is kept intact.

IMAGINE: You round the corner by the Magic Castle and see Cinderella sneaking a quick smoke while talking on her cell phone. Your kid Comments that Cinderella shouldn’t smoke and is disappointed.

REALITY: Cast members exit and enter the park at hidden doors where they can go to a break area under the park. They are never seen out of character.

QUESTION: Why is the reality at Disney so good and the imaginary stuff par for the course most everywhere else?

ANSWER: The first question Disney asks is, “is what we’re doing helping our guests succeed?” rather than “is what we’re doing helping Disney succeed?”

BIGGER QUESTION: Why aren’t all businesses making their first question, “is what we’re doing helping our guests succeed?”

ANSWER: Because most companies are more concerned with their success than their customers’ success.

QUESTION FOR YOU: What are you going to do about it in your business? Are you going to continue to ask the selfish question first or are you going to begin asking the customer-focused one?

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