We’ve been looking at words that define the difference between customer and guest or client.  Last week we looked at welcome.  This week, let’s look at honor.

The definition of guest we determined had to do with welcoming people to a friendly place where they are being invited to be honored.  I think we’d all agree that a guest should be welcomed but what is this thing about honoring them?  How do we honor guests?

Honor is about high respect and holding people in high esteem.  It is what we do when we give out medals and salute in the military.  I think of it like putting people on a pedestal and making them most important.  And when I think about guests in my home, that’s precisely what I do.  I do things for them that I don’t do for myself.  I make it as comfortable as possible.  I make sure I am quiet if they are staying in my house.  I make sure unsightly things are put away and that rooms, counters, the kitchen, etc. are cleaner than normal.

Isn’t this what respect is all about?  Holding someone in such high regard that you do for them more than you might do for yourself.

What does this mean to your business?  How can you make honor part of your service, part of making people guests rather than customers?

How about placing them on a pedestal and doing more for them than you would for yourself?  How about making things clean, easy, showing undue courtesy, and making the experience comfortable?  This would truly be an experience that honors people and sends a message that you want them to leave happy and to return again.  Isn’t that what every business person wants, happy, returning customers?

So, here is the question for you…what will you do to honor your customers?  What steps will you take to make their experience clean, easy, courteous and comfortable?

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