Make a Promise for 2015

What’s your attitude for 2015?  I mean, what attitude do you want to exude in the New Year?

Why do I ask you wonder?  Well, I always notice the change in people’s attitudes during the holidays.  The difficult become a little less difficult, the disgruntled become a little more …er… gruntled, you get the picture.  The bad thing is that people come down from that holiday high and go back to the same old difficult, disgruntled world, and, by extension, our world goes back to the same old difficult, disgruntled way and we all begin to cut people off on the freeway and yell at the checkout clerk at the grocery store.

Can that change?  I believe it can.  We can all take a different frame of mind, and, by extension, begin to affect a better world.  Now I am not suggesting any silly, pie in the sky chanting of positive phrases every morning or doing yoga or drinking more water or any other new-fangled “change the world” formula.  What I am suggesting is just making a point to get up in the morning and add one promise a day to your to-do list.

By this I mean each day making a single promise to do something to affect a better attitude for you and the people around you.  Make a promise each day to do something to make a positive difference.  Make a promise to not get angry on the freeway today.  Make a promise to not raise your voice in difficult situations today.  Make a promise to thank at least three co-workers today.  Make a promise to help someone today, really help, and not just write a check.  A promise a day becomes a habit and habits define our character, and the more good characters out there, the better.

I know we all have a million things we believe are really important and adding one more “to-do” item is possibly over the line, but I also know we live in a difficult, disgruntled world so this is your chance to make some change by doing just ONE THING differently.

Make 2015 the best year ever by promising to do one thing a day to make it the best world ever.

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