It’s All Service

As I say all of the time, service is not a department nor is it something to be relegated to a call center.  In the book ReWork by Jason Fried and David Hansson, the authors talk about marketing as the sum of virtually everything you do.  They actually make a list of things and how they act as marketing.  For example:

  • Every time you answer the phone, it’s marketing.
  • Every time someone uses your product, it’s marketing.
  • If you build software, every error message is marketing.

Similarly, I would say service works the same way…

  • When you answer the phone, it’s service…or not.
  • The readability/simplicity of your invoice is service…or not.
  • The ease of your self-service portal is service…or not.
  • The look, feel, comprehensiveness and ease of your website is service…or not.
  • Your interactions are service…or not.

Do all of the details of your business reflect a mission of serving your customers…or have you simply made service an afterthought, a department, a call center, or someone else’s job?

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