A Lesson in the Lights

I was watching the TV program CBS Sunday Morning this past Sunday and they presented a segment about the Northern Lights (a.k.a. the Aurora Borealis).  As I watched, I realized that this is definitely a bucket list item.  “Honey, get out your heavy coat!”

Anyway, in the segment, they spoke with a couple (Ronn and Marketa Murray) who not only photograph the Lights themselves but provide tours for others to view and photograph the Lights.

As I watched, I found a lesson.  The Murrays spoke of how awe inspiring the Lights are and how they are, to so many, a spiritual experience.  They talked about how so many people come to realize dreams or to take something off their bucket lists.  One compelling example they described was a man who came and braved the subzero temperatures even though he had terminal cancer.  His dream was to see the Lights before he died.  They showed a picture of this man and his wife standing in front of a beautiful halo of light and told of how meaningful and special this event was to the man and how he was able to experience something so remarkable and uplifting in his final days.

Now that really made me think about what we should be doing in our businesses.  I always say the business of business, every business, is to serve, to help people win (my code-speak for helping people reach success or accomplish a goal).  This example of helping a dying man fulfill a dream before it was too late is just what the business of business is all about – helping others win, reach a goal, find success, or realize a dream, this is why we’re in business, heck this is why we’re all here on this planet at all I think.

My point here is to take a lesson from the Murrays.  What can you do to make helping people win the purpose of what you do?  How can you help the person next to you at work win? How can you help that next customer win?  How can you help your boss win?  How about your spouse or your kids?  How about yourself, do you want to win?  Get to work helping others.

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