I recently saw a story about the employees of a Michigan company who are enjoying an unexpected bonus; they are sharing in nearly $6 million handed out by their boss.

The CEO, a humble man, is the son of a garbage man, and like the greatest leaders, makes a point not to forget where he came from.  He knows what it is to work hard and live like an average person so he values the contributions of his employees and wants them to enjoy the same benefits he enjoys when the company does well.

Last month, the company was sold and a great deal of wealth was created.  However, unlike many self-absorbed business leaders, the CEO decided that the windfall was to be shared with every employee not just top brass.  The checks ranged from $500 to $50,000 based on years of service and job duties.

What has the fallout been?  Well, let quotes like this from one of the employees tell the story, “The identity of the company is to give, and [the CEO] encourages us to do that, to take what we’ve been given and pass it on.”

Talk about having things right, this is where businesses should be, leaders sharing the profits, employees paying it forward.  This is a world changer and a lesson to us all.  We are not here for us, we are here to make the place better for all.  Sharing is a great place to start.

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