What’s your bottled water?

I was out in Hawaii once and the hotel I stayed in made a point of always offering bottled water to you as you left to go about your day.  I then noticed other things like placing umbrellas at doorways when it looked like rain.  What was going on?

It’s hot and humid in Maui and having water on you is just a good idea.  It’s easy to get dehydrated there, and sometimes without even knowing it.  The hotel just thought it a good idea to help people.

Rain storms creep up quickly in Hawaii and carrying an umbrella just may not occur to you.  Once again, the hotel thought it a good idea to help people.

What’s my point?  Well, what is your company’s bottled water, what is your umbrella?  What are you doing to step it up and help people even when they may not know they need the help?  Anticipating needs and offering to help with the next step after solving a problem or letting them know about something else they may have trouble with to alleviate another call, this is great service.

What’s your bottled water?

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