Details, details…

Details, details, it’s all in the details.  I’ve heard that so many times in my life but it is never clearer than when we are dealing with customers. Over and over, I have experienced times where a little more attention to detail would have made an experience better.

Example:  I was golfing recently and found myself driving the cart around looking for the next hole.  For about 6 or 7 holes, there were signs pointing the way to the next tee box and then it all stopped.  No more signs.  What was so interesting was that the signs stopped at a point where the most confusion could happen, the convergence of several different paths.  Why?  Why did no one think about this?  Why did no one drive carts around the course as if they were playing it?  Who missed this detail?

Details are stock in trade for customer service giants like Disney.  The number of details at Disneyworld is staggering.  Things like the red, white and blue flowers outside the Hall of the Presidents to the wider walkways where cast members have witnessed logjams of guests trying to get somewhere at the same time.  This attention to detail makes the experience a joy…or at least much less of a hassle and serves to make Disney a leader of service best practices not to mention a wealthy company.

How can you make attention to detail a focus for your company?

  1. Listen to your employee’s observations. Where do they see pain points in the customer experience?
  2. Take time to walk through what your customers have to deal with and look for details that have been missed.
  3. Listen to your customers. Ask them what details could be better.
  4. Make note of things you see in other businesses that you might adapt to yours to make the customer experience better or less arduous.

Details, details…you can either pay attention or not but your customers do and they want ease and enjoyment not hassle and pain.  Continually find ways to make it easy and nice and you will find more service success.

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