Open the Door

What is the power of welcome?  Think about it, how does it feel to be welcomed when you go somewhere where you really don’t know anybody?  I know I get nervous whenever I am going somewhere new and don’t know anyone.

Believe it or not, this nervousness is present whenever we do business with someone. It may be very subtle, almost undetectable, but it’s there.  Until we are welcomed and made to feel we are included, our brains jump up and down and say that this could be a threat.  It’s like our brains are in a James Bond movie looking for a trap everywhere.  However, when we are confronted with unfamiliar groups and all the possibilities of being disrespected or marginalized, muted or even cast aside, is it any wonder our brains jump into defensive mode?

What is my point?  One of the simplest things people can do in business to get customer relations off to a good start is simply to make people feel welcome.  A smile, a kind word, a show of interest, a question to encourage dialog, all of these small gestures can crack open a door ready to shut.  Shut doors do not make for good business or for developing loyal customers.

So think about this, what is it like to enter into business with you?  Is that opening sales call welcoming, is that entrance into your store like walking into someone’s home, does your website say we’re glad you’re here?  How can you communicate to your customers that they are welcome and you want them there?  How can you make it clear that you appreciate their input and want to have meaningful dialog?  It is up you to open the door.

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