Uniqueness is Paying Attention to Detail

I went shopping recently at the grocery store where my son works as a bagger.  He’s 17 and it’s been a good way for him to learn a bit about the “real” world.

Anyway, as I was leaving, I noticed a metal track attached to the edge of the sidewalk around the store.  It is there to keep the grocery cart from rolling off into the road and I think it’s a great idea.  Maybe you’ve seen them before but it’s the first time I noticed.

Why am I commenting on this you ask?  Attention to detail.  More and more I am noticing that attention to detail is one of the overriding differentiators that make one business stand out from another.

Attention to detail is probably the thing Disney, an obvious service leader, prides itself on over everything else.  Think of the unique queue at the Haunted Mansion attraction in Magic Kingdom. As guests are standing in line waiting to enter the attraction, Disney cast members interact in entertaining ways, including making spooky music and solving riddles. Think of the way trash cans look in various attractions, they are themed to fit the overall spirit of the surroundings.  They are futuristic in Tomorrowland.  They take on the look of prospecting crates in Frontierland.  Think of the costumes and the décor that is very specifically designed to fit time periods and the overall environment.  In fact, cast members are instructed to never cross from one area to another when in costume so as not to disturb the “feel” of the different areas.  Details, details, details, all important for making us believe in the “magic” that is Disney.

Take a look around your organization and try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Are there details that could be improved? Implementing even a small change can impact your customer in a positive way, and should be considered an investment in creating your own unique customer experience, and it is this uniqueness that will set you apart.

2 thoughts on “Uniqueness is Paying Attention to Detail

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