One Simple Way to Make Your Workplace a Better Place

Wondering how to make your workplace better? This is it and it’s ridiculously uncomplicated. Find some way to make someone else’s day. It can be as simple as noticing what your co-workers like to eat for snacks or drinks and buying one for him/her. Or maybe you could notice what coffee drink is a particular favorite and grab one for them one morning. Or maybe you could email an inspiring quote to someone when they need a pick-me-up. Or you could do something even more involved like sharing time, energy or ideas without any thought about getting anything in return.

The benefit?  As you do these simple acts of kindness more often, your teammates just may start being more kind and even copying your giving behavior. I think most people really want to “pay it forward” and that payment of kindness and giving has an even bigger payoff in not only making the office a better place but also making the experience for customers better. When we are kinder within the organization it becomes more likely that we will be kind outside of the organization.

When you think about it and consider how many people loathe going to work and dislike their work environment, is it any wonder why customer experiences are largely poor?  Imagine workplaces where people are actually generous with their time, energy, knowledge, ideas, and connections so much so that it ripples throughout the organization and enhances everyone’s success.  Imagine hearing the words us, we, and our more than I, me, and mine.  How would workplaces change and how would that change what customers experience?

So, if you want an uncomplicated way to make your workplace better, give, give your time, energy, ideas, and maybe even a cup of coffee without any expectation of something in return…ever.  Be the leader in creating a giving workplace culture where everyone in the organization is generous to the person next to them in order to ultimately be generous to the customers the organization serves. It really is simple; what could be better?

For more on giving, pick up a copy of Adam Grant’s excellent book, Give and Take.

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