No Title Required


So many people think that leaders have to have titles.  Well, truth is, leadership has nothing to do with a title on a business card.  A title may give you a little bit of an advantage as it gives you a pre-built stage, but from there, leadership is earned or lost depending on you.

Let me give you an example of a leader without a title.  I was recently at a conference and there was a young man helping out with internet challenges, uploading and downloading items from the conference site, and generally providing IT support.  He was extremely helpful, went above and beyond to do whatever he could to respond to peoples’ requests and even did proactive things to preempt the next question or problem.

Now, where was the leadership you might ask?  It was in his example.  He demonstrated a commitment to service and a positive attitude throughout.  He showed everyone at this conference what it means to serve and go beyond expectations.  It was inspiring.

This young man was the definition of leadership.  He built trust through his integrity and ability.  He enabled us all to do our jobs better and took action to ensure success.  No title, just simple leadership. This is what leading is, serving those around you to move toward a successful completion of a mission, even if the mission is seemingly mundane.

I tip my hat to this young man for showing us real leadership, I hope he gets a title someday so he can have even more influence in our world that is so in need of principled leaders.

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