In a conversation with a friend about the trials and tribulations of dealing with one of the managers they work with, they were relaying how this managers just didn’t seem to “get it” as far as effective leadership.

The specific problem in question revolved around how, while setting some procedures and standards for the department, this particular manager just wanted to go headstrong into it without thinking about the big picture and direction overall.  Apparently, this is a regular occurrence as this manager rarely, if ever, listens to anyone else, micromanages her team, and is, well, very self-absorbed.

According to my friend’s description, this manager does everything, or, at least, almost everything wrong when it comes to leadership.  This lack of seeing the bigger picture and determining the vision is, at minimum, a formula for disaster.  Vision is the first and most important step in setting up how a team moves forward.  Imagine a General going into battle without a plan; that would lead to a lot of misdirection and mayhem to say the least.

Vision is necessary to leadership; it is the target and gauge for measuring success, it is a motivator for others to see how things can and will be when they get there.  Without vision, teams meander aimlessly and with a lack of energy.

I hope my friend’s manager sees the light; otherwise, she guarantees her team a future of searching in a dark forest, only to hear her footsteps coming from behind to micromanage and question their every decision….oh yeah, and to tell them how she would do it (because her decisions are always so good).


The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.  – Theodore M. Hesburgh

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