Two words to change your workplace.

How many people help you (a.k.a. provide some service to you) at work?  Think about it, how many people do things to help you get your own job done?  Whether it’s helping you schedule a flight, do some research for a report, contribute ideas in a meeting or just make the coffee every morning, how many people are factors in your success?

Given this, how many of these people do you recognize for their impact?  How many times have you simply said thank you to these people, or do you just believe it is all part of their job and walk away?  I know for myself that so many people have impacted and continue to impact any small success I have seen and I am often remiss in being grateful.

How does it feel to you when someone just says thank you for what might appear to be simple stuff or perfunctory parts of your job?  Personally, it makes me smile and appreciate that person more than I might normally.  Imagine your workplace with a little more gratitude and good will; imagine more trust and cooperation, is it hard to contemplate?

Well it’s not a fantasy, it can exist and it can start with you.  Starting today, find someone who does one of those, what we might call, mundane, menial jobs and thank them, just go up to the guy who cleans the bathrooms for instance and say, “thank you for what you do every day to keep this space clean for me.”  Find someone every day to appreciate and see what begins happening in your workplace.

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