What do you do for your customers?

There is a Geico Insurance commercial circulating where a man asks the Geico gecko if Geico has won any awards.  The gecko answers in his pseudo-Brit accent that they have indeed won an award for best insurance app.  While this is great for Geico to celebrate and to give kudos to their app developer, what does this mean to me as a customer?

In the spirit of transparency, I am not a Geico customer, but as a potential one or at least a person who could be in the market for insurance, I don’t care one whit about Geico’s app award.  I want to see awards that are centered on what they do for their customers.  Have they won any awards for customer satisfaction, for best response time or maybe even for fastest claim resolution?  If I were a person looking for an insurance provider, I would want to know what they do for their customers, what things do they do to make their customers’ lives easier, more enjoyable, or more successful?

So what about your business?  What do you do well for your customers?  Do you have a great app?  Well that’s all well and good, but more important is whether that great app actually does anything that makes your customers’ lives better.  This is really the important thing, making customers’ lives better, not awards and not cool ads, just what you do to make your customers’ lives better.  If you make that your objective, long-term reward is in your business’s future.

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