The “Why” Of a Meaningful Life

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I just read the book What Customers Crave by Nicholas Webb and the last two paragraphs were, to me, so profound that I had to share.

Every day we wake up and go to a job, and if it’s a job that has a meaningful mission, where we get to make other people happy, we are living a meaningful life.  After working with hundreds of companies over the years, I have seen beautiful people destroy their lives by working in organizations that mistreat their customers.  Customer experience is more than just treating customers well.  It’s about architecting a machine that serves others.

And isn’t that what we’re here for: to serve others, to live a life of meaning, and to make people happy?  The most successful people I’ve ever met would quickly answer that question, “Hell, YES!”

Thank you, Mr. Webb, for inspiring us all to live a life of meaning where what we do for others is at the center, a message we need to hear more and more.

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