It’s Simple!


The image here is from Tom Peters, the iconic management guru and writer.  He is one half of the creative force behind the groundbreaking book, In Search of Excellence.

When I saw this image on the banner of his website, I immediately thought it to be the most succinct way of making the business case for great service.   I love Tom Peters and his to-the-point style and his slap-in-the-face way of waking you up.  Well, here it is…WAKE UP!…how you treat people (this includes not only customers but employees) has a direct impact on customers coming back to you over and over and spending their hard-earned money with you.

Now you might ask how employees play into this…well, again, WAKE UP!…how you treat your employees impacts how they treat customers.  If your employees don’t love the business, your customers never will.  It. Is. That. Easy.

Do you want more business…more repeat business?  Do you want more revenue…more repeat revenue?  Take care of people…period.  It doesn’t matter whether they are employees or customers, take care of them and treat them fairly, honestly, and with kindness.

Peters has it absolutely right.  Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit.  Simple.

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