The Cost of the Misaligned Rebel

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Which attitude do you want your customers to experience?


Choice A is Service Focused where employees work with the customers’ best interest in mind, authentically and proactively looking for solutions.

Choice B is Self-Focused where employees place the needs of themselves, their department or their boss ahead of the customers’ needs.

If you said A, which I hope you did, this is how your organization needs to look.


This means everyone in the organization is aligned to and unified in a mission of making customers successful.  This means everyone helping each other with the goal of helping the customer achieve success.  And when I say everyone, I mean everyone, even one manager who has different thinking can disrupt the whole balance and send their team members in the wrong direction which can send your customers the entirely wrong message and change the perception of your brand.


And if this influence is higher up the organizational ladder, the results multiply.


In the case of this organization, the customer is only getting the service-focused treatment 25% of the time and it all started with a couple of “rebels”.

If you’re thinking this is highly elementary, you’re right, it is.  But if it’s so elementary, why do so many businesses fail to make it happen?

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