Bring out your best.

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It’s been quite a year.  We’ve had a tweeting, self-obsessed President, tragic shootings and terrorist events, sexual harassment scandals, government impasse, protest at sporting events, racial tension, you name it, it seems we’ve had it this year, and so much of it infects us with negative energy and stress.  I heard someone the other day saying that the holidays feel difficult this year because of all of the negativity surrounding us.

My challenge for what’s left of this holiday season is to share something good with everyone you meet over the next few days.  It will be hard.  There will be things that get on your nerves and things that stretch your patience but do it, just do it.  When someone is pulling on your last nerve, find something kind to do.  Find the random act that will change everything.  Find a way to help.  Find a way to bring a smile.  Find what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” and just be the difference for someone.

These last few days of holiday shopping and socializing can be great times but they can also, ironically, bring out the worst in people.  Take the challenge and find the best in yourself to share no matter what.  Be someone’s reason to smile.

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