Repetition, not so good for business.

Image result for repeatHave you ever had to repeat a problem several times to a company?  Imagine calling your insurance company, you punch in your claim number, and then you go through an endless series of punch-in options for departments and different needs.  When you finally get to a person, they ask, “Can you give me your claim number?”  Didn’t I just punch that in?  You are dying to blurt that out.

Do businesses realize how stupid they appear when this kind of thing happens?  Do they realize how much of a pain they create when they do these things?  Ah, the frustration.  Is anyone out there listening, really listening…and taking notes?  Can they just remember my name, my number and my problem?  Do I even matter?  Customers are thinking these things, in fact, they’re truly bothered by them and they’re always looking for businesses that can do better.

Examine your business.  Are you causing pain with the hassle of repeating account numbers, name and address, service claim numbers, or problem details over and over?  How about designing systems that truly make it easy for customers, you know, the people who pay your bills, keep your lights on and put food on your table?  Design a way so that customers never have to repeat things.  Make it easy and effortless for them.  They’re the reason you exist.  Don’t forget that.

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