I didn’t write this post, Seth Godin did, but it resonated with me so I’m reposting it. It’s almost a poem, and it is spot on s far as what’s necessary for pursuing excellence. Ponder this, make a plan, take action!

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Excellence by Seth Godin



If you knew,

and you could see the world through the eyes of the customer,

and you really cared…

What would you do?

That’s a simple test of creating excellence.

So, if I’m on hold for 56 minutes with Orbitz, does the CEO know? Is that ever a desired outcome?

Does the engineer who shipped a hackable voting machine know that it’s hackable?

The plumber who finished the job and left the hot/cold controls in reverse position… did he care enough?

Excellence cuts through bureaucracy and status quo and excuses and asks a simple question:

What would you do if you knew?


If you want to go to the original, go here …


And don’t stop there, check out all of the other great thought leadership on Godin’s blog site.

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