How generosity makes us better at work, home, and life.

Related imageService requires generosity, or at least it comes from that spirit. But being generous isn’t such a natural thing. It’s a choice, and it’s a choice that has some risk involved. I mean, you are giving away something of value even if it’s only some of your time. Maybe it will all be for naught and have little or no effect. Maybe it will be the wrong thing. Maybe it will not actually help in the way you thought it would. Maybe the other person doesn’t want any help. Yes, with generosity comes risk.

Thus, generosity requires courage. And if you really want to serve, you must step up to the challenge.

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides us with some help here because generosity makes you feel good, both physically and emotionally. And that little hit of feel-good chemicals is just enough to make it worth any of the jitters that might come from our doubts.

Additionally, Mother Nature also provides us with chemicals that make generosity contagious. When you demonstrate a generous spirit, others get a little chemical hit that influences them to want to do it too. It’s amazing. Our wiring is such that just seeing someone being generous makes us feel good, and that good feeling makes us more likely to act. So although it may seem idealistic, your simple act of courageous generosity can, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, start a puff of air that can become a wind. It’s really an act of leadership.

So, as you go forth today, think about being generous.  Maybe it’s just some extra time spent with your family or a team member. Maybe it’s just some small act of kindness to that person you bump into at the supermarket. Or maybe it’s walking that customer to the right aisle instead of just pointing the way. Regardless of the act, generosity can have a big positive impact, a big influence on making our world just a tiny bit better. Take up the generosity challenge. Be of service. Be a leader. Start the wind blowing. Do it and see how you feel.


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