Are you upping your customer experience game for you or for customers? The difference matters.

Image result for giving simon sinekSo many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to improve their customers’ experience. While I applaud it and truly believe that it’s about time, there is one concerning question, are they doing it to truly serve customers or in hopes of potential gain?

What I mean is are these companies only using what I call faux customer focus as a means for increasing their financial results or is it to really get back to the true roots of business, namely, helping people accomplish objectives?

Selling With Noble Purpose author Lisa Earle McLeod says so eloquently, “When the majority of employees believe the primary purpose of the organization is to make money, the organization is destined for mediocrity. Meaningful competitive differentiation requires an outward focus on the people who actually drive your business, customers.” To illustrate, think about this example. Imagine being invited to a party by a friend only to find out it is a sales pitch for some kitchenware. How would you feel? Would it make you question whether you are a friend or a money-making opportunity? You still got to go to a party and you may have enjoyed it but the intentions behind the invitation took away a lot of the joy and made you feel a little used.

Focusing on customers for your gain versus their gain will ultimately come to light and it will damage you. Make sure you are serving for the right reasons, customer success not your success. When it is truly from a generous heart, good will come back from it. Call it karma if you like but it never fails.

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