How to avert disasters.

Image result for avert disasterThe worst kind of problems in your workplace are not the big ones that scream in your face, they’re the little silent ones that creep up on you. They’re the ones that your front-line employees see daily and have to try and deal with without some disaster befalling them.

Here’s a tip for all of you managers out there looking to avoid the big horror story when these little things build up and snowball into something huge. GO TALK TO YOUR FRONT-LINE EMPLOYEES and LISTEN!!!!! You will learn a ton and get ideas you never thought about. And those ideas will be doable, not a bunch of new rules, policies, and procedures that come down from the top brass who haven’t seen or talked to a customer since they were teenagers.

So, if you want to avert the worst problems, seek out your employees and listen to them. It’s simple.

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