Honesty as a service.

Image result for cartoon busImagine a bus with a sign on it proclaiming, “Going wherever you want to go.”

Now imagine that bus being filled with people all gleefully expecting to go places they want to go.

Now imagine being one of those passengers and finding out that the bus is going places you don’t want to go.

Sound ridiculous? I mean really, who would be so gullible to get on a bus that says it goes essentially everywhere?

Well, it happens every day. Customers are constantly bombarded by companies with promises that cannot be and are not kept. Businesses are so busy getting customers on board that they forget about actually delivering the goods like they said they would….or, if they do deliver, there are all kinds of caveats to protect them and keep them from having to have any flexibility or do anything over and above.

If you’re interested in standing out as a company, how about being bold and telling those unassuming passengers exactly where you go and then ushering those whose destinations are off your track to other bus lines? You’d be my first choice of buses in the future because you delivered something more than goods, you delivered honesty.

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