Are you really committed to customers?

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Your lowest paid workers are the ones facing the most important people to your company’s survival, no, not your bank, not your shareholders, no, it’s your customers. Does that scaling of pay make sense?

When times get a little tough, you start cutting those “unnecessary” things like training and customer service. But those things directly impact customers, don’t they?

Companies like to talk big about commitment to customers but how do they really prove it? Do they pay customer-facing employees like specialists? Do they spend on training them like they incent salespeople? Do they design the customer experience like they do a new product?

It is laughable that the most critical thing to your business, your financial well-being, and your long-term success gets the short stick every time.

Here are signs of true customer commitment:  Paying and training customer-facing team members like the most prized salespeople and spending as much time on the customer experience as on financial strategy.

Does your business do it? Does it really…REALLY…commit to customers, or is it a poser? You decide. If it’s a faker like so many, what will you do to influence change, bold change?

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