Book Review: Leading Loyalty

Image result for leading loyaltyWhat turns average customers into loyal promoters of your business? Why do people stick with a brand, organization, or specific enterprise for the long term?

In one of their newer books, Leading Loyalty, the Franklin Covey loyalty team answers these questions. If I were to sum up their conclusions, it begins and ends with employees who love to make customers’ lives easier and better overall.

Leading Loyalty reveals the habits of these customer champions and how they build relationships and grow revenues. Full of real-life examples and practical tools, the book presents three core loyalty principles that each couple to two practices as follows.

  • Empathy
    • Make a genuine human connection
    • Listen to learn
  • Responsibility
    • Discover the real job to be done
    • Follow up to strengthen the relationship
  • Generosity
    • Share insights
    • Surprise with unexpected extras

The book is directed primarily at managers and how they can lead their team to be customer-loyalty champions but there is plenty here for anyone interested in creating better customer experiences.

Beginning with the mindset of the loyalty leader, the book then goes through the details of each principle and its accompanying practices. The book concludes with two final chapters on how to implement and sustain a customer-loyalty culture.

This is one of the best and most applicable books on customer service, the necessary mindset and behaviors, and how to create habits that ensure consistent delivery. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to engage their employees in moving the dial on their customers’ experience.

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