Three ways to lead your workplace to be a great place.

Related imageHow can you make your workplace better? How can you influence a better experience for your employees and/or co-workers? Here are three simple things you can do.

  1. Ensure that any “product” you deliver is on time and what was expected and actually brings or contributes to bringing the needed outcomes, whether that “product” is completed projects or just a part in helping. If it hasn’t brought those outcomes, get to work making it meet or exceed expectations. Don’t deliver “good enough.”
  2. Do whatever you can to make things easier for others. If it is as big as redesigning a process or as small as removing some minor obstacle, do what you can to lessen the difficulty for people.
  3. Be kind in your dealings. Practice well-mannered behavior and help build a more civil working environment. Below are some basics from Bryan Cave, managing partner of Stuart Price, who credits this list of behaviors with making his firm one of Orange County, California’s Best Places to Work:
    • Greet and acknowledge others.
    • Say please and thank you.
    • Treat others equally and with respect.
    • Welcome feedback from others.
    • Be approachable.
    • Be sensitive to others’ feelings.
    • Be honest.
    • Acknowledge the contributions of others.
    • Respect others’ time.

By delivering a great product, making work less of an effort, and practicing civility, you will not only be the team member everyone points to when the question is asked about the person people want to work with most but you will also be influencing others to follow you in creating a great place to work.

But what about that jerk who always seems to find success despite their bad behavior? Fear not, these people usually succumb to karma sooner or later. At some point, no one wants to work with them and they are left alone trying to do it all themselves. This typically meets with failure … and in a big way. Do not be tempted by the short-term success of these people, instead, think long-term and keep doing the right things. Besides, what kind of workplace do you want, one full of jerks or one full of happy people who help, respect, and encourage each other?

Be a leader. Create a better place to work by being a great person to work with.

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