What’s next?

Change neon light signageEveryone is clambering to know what the “new normal” will look like.

Problem is, no one can possibly know. However, the one thing we do know is what has been. We do have history to review.

What I am getting at is this. While the future is uncertain (it always has been by the way), we do have the opportunity of looking back at what has and hasn’t worked.

This is a great chance to think and review what could be better – and then fix it.

Think about your products and processes. Think about your website and your workplace. As you review, are they effective, are they easy, are they enjoyable? What needs a tweak and what might need an overhaul?

Think about your team members. Are they equipped to do their jobs? Are they service oriented and focused on taking away customer effort? Are they kind, courteous, and friendly? Where might training be needed? Where might you need to coach them? Where might they need new equipment or tools?

The new normal will be what we – you – make it. We can either go back to what didn’t work or at least didn’t work well, or we can make it better and maybe even what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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