Contrary to popular belief, angels are in the details.

person taking photo a castle using smartphone

Walking is good, you see a lot that you miss when driving. You see details.

Details can change your perception. Details can make you consider different options.

I went to Disney and attended a class on service where they said the Disney difference was attention to detail. They were right, Disney pays attention to everything from trash cans to how you walk through a queue.

Here’s what I learned. The “wow” at Disney isn’t the rides and attractions, it’s the consistent attention to detail. How do they make things so clean everywhere all of the time? How do they get everything to look like it fits even when it doesn’t (ice cream in Frontierland for example)? How is it possible to pay attention to everything down to the most minute level? Wow, wow, wow! Not the rides or any surprising delight, just the strive for perfection every day, throughout the day, in every corner.

Take a walk around your operation. What details are you missing? How can you “wow?”

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