Now is the time to get to work on your new year.

person holding happy new year decor

The big day of the holidays is over, and now we have what I call the “dead week” before we turn the page on the calendar.

Why is this week so special?

This is the week where your phone rings less and things are quieter, and that means you have time to reflect, ideate, and commit to making next year even better than this past year.

Here are some things you have the opportunity to do this week:

  1. What are some challenges, problems, or unmet goals that have cropped up this year?
  2. What can you do to fix things, improve, or reach those goals in the new year? (Make a list of everything you can think of, even crazy stuff. Go nuts and get creative.)
  3. What help will you need from people or resources?

Once you’ve got that, make plans.

  1. What specifically are you going to work on?
  2. How will you do it? (List the steps pared down from the crazy, creative list you created.)
  3. Who needs to be involved?
  4. When will you measure progress and what is the proposed completion date?

Now you have a plan with dates to hold yourself accountable.

Get to work.

Have a very successful new year!

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