To give or get, what comes natural?

brown and beige weighing scale

People want to know, are we naturally selfish or naturally giving? What is our innate tendency?

From everything I’ve read, it seems we are both. And both of these extremes are constantly vying for attention.

The question is, how can we tilt the balance a little more to the side of unselfish because unselfish is more helpful for everyone including ourselves.

Science says we evolved to cooperate. It shows up in children as young as 18 months without prompting. Small children will reach out to try and help without any parental prodding. They just do it. It is as if we are wired for it.

Yet, there is another set of wires. A set that wants only what’s good for us, often at the expense of others. We’ve been placed in a battle over whether to cooperate or compete. So how do we settle it? By making a choice. A choice to do good. A choice to connect with others and help. A choice to build things. A choice to share. A choice for better. Yes, it’s a choice, a choice that has allowed our species to solve puzzles, cure illnesses, and create wonders.

What choice will you make?

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