Book Review: Make It, Don’t Fake It by Sabrina Horn

In her new book, Make it, Don’t Fake It, Sabrina Horn gives us insights and wisdom gleaned from years of working with executives and other influencers about how finding the right thing to do comes out of authentic integrity. The book is essentially a road map for leading with purpose and transparent values. And it isn’t just for business, the lessons here are applicable to all areas of life.

The emphasis though is business, and with great impact, Horn offers honest, practical advice for planning, launching, and building a business while maintaining moral and ethical values. She tells real stories of how she built a business through ups, downs, successes, and failures all the while learning the importance of integrity and being true to beliefs and high standards. Horn provides a guide for navigating the choppy waters of entrepreneurship with grit, care, tough love, and compassion.

A key focus for Horn is the need for honesty in business. Many companies promise much more than they can deliver and when the truth comes out due to product or service failure, customers are the ultimate losers. Horn makes it abundantly clear that customers know when they are being lied to and they don’t forget, and she makes a good case for how disreputable practices can destroy your business.  

All in all, Make It, Don’t Fake It, offers time-honored, practical advice for first-time entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business pros who want to create authentic cultures of integrity and honorable values.

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