Do you want to create great customer experiences? You need this mantra for creating the mindset.

Illustration of a badge with Can Do, Will Do, Happy To! written on it

Forrester, the well-known research and advisory company, has a model where they identify ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness as the three key components of a great customer experience.

What does this practically mean to your business?

Well, it’s simple. If you are at all interested in creating a great experience for your customers, you need to deliver on those three components. And to make that happen, you need employees with the appropriate mindset as well as the ability to help customers accomplish whatever it is they wish to accomplish.

While ability is usually a matter of training, mindset is a whole other matter. How do we create the mindset?

There is a company near where I live called Strategic Factory. They are a marketing and branding company who create printed materials, signage, branded apparel, and promotional products. I was privileged to meet their CEO, Keith Miller, tour their facility and see how they operate. It is quite the company. I was impressed by the friendliness of the team, the quality of their work, and the positive feel of the culture. Ironically though, the one big thing that stuck with me was their motto, “Can do. Will do. Happy to.” Over the many months that followed my visit, that motto would periodically occupy my thoughts until it finally dawned on me, this motto is a really simple description of the thinking necessary to create easy, enjoyable, effective experiences.

  • Can do – they have the ability to provide effective solutions
  • Will do – they will take care of everything and make things easy
  • Happy to – they are friendly and make it enjoyable

Perhaps as an homage, I have taken Strategic Factory’s motto and adjusted it a bit to create a simple sort of mantra that, if employees can get it into their head, will generate a mindset to create great experiences.

  • “I want to help” – subtext: I want to make your life easier
  • “I am happy to help” – subtext: I will make this enjoyable
  • “I am able to help” – subtext: I have the skills and knowledge to effectively get the job done

Do your employees want to help? Do they demonstrate a desire to make your customers’ lives easier?

Are your employees happy to help with actions that send that message? Do they make working with your business enjoyable?

Finally, are your employees able to help? Do they have the training and resources to get the job done effectively?

If you want your customers to have great experiences, take it from my friends at Strategic Factory, become someone who can do, will do, and is happy to.

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