A service culture. Is it worth the effort?

person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road

Believe it or not, I have had managers ask me, “Why should we build a service culture? How will my organization benefit?”

While we could make a lengthier list, here are five key benefits.

Happier Team

Human biology is geared chemically to grow helpfulness. Humans are not the biggest, strongest, or fastest beasts in the jungle, but when we work together, our potential to survive goes up. Thus, when we help others, Mother Nature gives us a little pump of oxytocin, the love chemical, and it makes us feel good. And the person being helped? They get a little boost too. Moreover, when a bystander sees or hears about helpfulness, they get a little boost. You see, Mother Nature needs us to help each other, so she has made giving and helping one another something that naturally goes viral, and it all happens because helping makes us happy.

It’s a simple formula. When people are helping each other rather than competing, they feel better. When they feel better, they are happier. When they are happier, they bring their best. Win, win, win.

Healthier Team

Research has shown that helpful behaviors decrease blood pressure, levels of depression, and stress while increasing self-esteem, immune response, and life expectancy. Put simply, people don’t get sick as often and they cope better with difficulty.

Increased Team Spirit

Helping others helps us connect with our community whether that’s our workplace community or any other community.  It also helps reduce loneliness and isolation and builds a positive team spirit that can better face and overcome adversity.

Increased Innovation

When team members are happier and part of a team that is working together for a shared goal, they can better solve problems and come up with new ideas.

More Customer Satisfaction

Happy team members are far more likely to treat customers well. In addition, when helpfulness is in the DNA of the organization, helping customers is just par for the course.

Is there anything on this list that any manager or business leader would not want? I think not.

Service, it creates better workplace life, better customer life, and better life overall. Given the benefits, there’s no excuse for not doing it.

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