Fun. Why work should have more and how you can do it?

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Fun at work is necessary if you want to increase employee happiness. But why? Why should you want people to have fun? It’s business and business is about results and getting jobs done.

Well, you can get jobs done and see results while having fun …and… having fun has some major benefits.

  • Happy people tend to have a more positive mind-set.
  • They have higher levels of wellbeing
  • They maintain better mental and physical health.
  • They are more inspired, productive, creative, and satisfied with their job.

So, if fostering a fun work environment can make your employees less stressed, more productive, more creative, and more engaged, why not do it? And we have not even mentioned how all this good can spread virally to customers.

Here are some ideas for creating more fun at work.

  • Schedule some fun like an after-hours happy hour.
  • Have unscheduled fun like regularly sharing funny stories or articles that are relevant to your team.
  • Begin meetings with a short period of free-talk mingling.
  • Don’t make meetings all about work. Ask people how their weekend was or how their morning is going, encourage some stories. Have a laugh for goodness’ sake.
  • In 1:1 meetings, don’t make it all business, share some stories from your personal life (keep them clean and respectful).
  • When you are searching for solutions to a problem, get the team together to do a group brainstorming session for ideas. Encourage “crazy” ideas. Make it fun—that’s where the real creativity can get going.

Much of life is work. Much of work is dull and soul sucking. You can make life better by making work better. Go bold and add a pinch of fun.

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